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REVIEW: It’s Not Hansel and Gretel by Josh Funk

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Title: It’s Not Hansel and Gretel

Author: Josh Funk

Illustrator: Edwardian Taylor

Published: 2019 (Amazon First Reads)

Theme: Trust

Character Origin: Humans

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 40

Ages: 4-8

Synopsis: Hansel and Gretel will not listen to their storyteller. For one thing, who leaves a trail of bread crumbs lying around, when there are people starving? Not Hansel, that’s for sure! And that sweet old lady who lives in a house made of cookies and candy? There’s no way she’s an evil witch! As for Gretel, well, she’s about to set the record straight—after all, who says the story can’t be called Gretel and Hansel? It’s time for these wacky siblings to take their fairy tale into their own hands. So sit back and enjoy the gingerbread!

With laugh-out-loud dialogue and bold, playful art (including hidden search-and-find fairy-tale creatures), this Hansel and Gretel retelling will have kids giggling right up to the delicious ending!

My summary…

This is a fresh, new twist on the classic fairy tale Hansel and Gretel. Hansel and Gretel live with their parents in the woods. There is a famine over the land and their parents concoct a plan to get rid of them. When the kids get lost in the woods they embark on a tasty adventure.

My thoughts…

The author blew it out of the park with this one. Funk’s crafty storytelling is quite refreshing. I loved how the narrator was the voice of reason to Hansel and Gretel identifying trouble along the way. But their ambivalence and trusting nature added to the humor throughout their adventure. The kids’ naivety and know-it-all comments will remind parents of the conversations they’ve had with their own children. Ha!

The illustrations were masterfully executed and a colorful extension of the text. This 21st century reboot breathed new life into the classic. Parents will enjoy this adventure along with their children. Don’t be surprised if you get tickled a little bit. I know I did. Funk and Taylor are a great team. Job well done!

My rating…


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