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REVIEW: A Story About Cancer (With a Happy Ending) by India Desjardins

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Title: A Story About Cancer (With a Happy Ending)

Author: India Desjardins

Illustrator: Marianne Ferrer

Published: January 29, 2019

Theme: Hope and Love

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Teen/Graphic Novel | Pages: 96

Synopsis: A teenage girl heads towards the hospital waiting room where the doctors are going to tell her how much time she’s got to live. As she walks, she thinks about her journey up to this point . . . the terrible decor in the hospital, wearing a headscarf, the horrible treatments, but also being with her friends, family, and her new boyfriend Victor. This is a story about cancer with a happy ending. It’s about life, love, and especially, hope.

My summary…

This is a story about a teenage girl who goes to the hospital to find out if her leukemia is in remission or if she’s going to die. It tells of her courage, strength, and loss over the past few years. But there’s also love.

My thoughts…

This story hits really close to home for me. I was caretaker for my father-in-law with lung cancer. It was quite heartbreaking. I know first hand that dealing with cancer and the treatments can send a family reeling. It’s not only the patient that suffers but the entire family. Desjardins tells this story from the patient’s perspective which offers a unique view through her eyes. This gives credence and power to the narrative pulling you in from the first page.

The illustrations were a reflection of the pain and uncertainty of the teenage girl. I loved how Ferrer used grays and greens to show how the young girl saw herself but she used color to illustrate how she saw life in the things around her and those she loved. It felt as though she was not a fixed character in her own story. The reader goes on a heartfelt journey with the narrator and the anticipation is captivating. This is a very good book to share with cancer patients and families in need of hope when they feel most hopeless.

My rating…


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