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REVIEW: A Place for Pluto by Stef Wade

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Title: A Place for Pluto

Author: Stef Wade

Illustrator: Melanie Demmer

Published: July 2018

Theme: Identity and Friendship

Character Origin: Planets

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 32

Ages: 5-8 | Book Level: 3.1 | Lexile Measure: AD560L

Synopsis: Pluto got the shock of his life when he was kicked out of the famous nine. His planet status was stripped away, leaving him lost and confused. Poor Pluto! On his quest to find a place where he belongs, he talks to comets, asteroids, and meteoroids. He doesn’t fit it anywhere! But when Pluto is about to give up, he runs into a dwarf planet and finally finds his place in the solar system. This feel-good picture book combines a popular science topic with character education themes of self discovery, acceptance, and friendship. It has bonus material in the back matter to support curriculum.

My summary…

This book is about Pluto finding his place in the solar system.

My thoughts…

I really enjoyed this book as it is a reflection of actual astrological events. Wade tells a heartfelt story of ostracization and self-discovery that many kids can relate to during various times through their lives. I loved how Wade introduced the reader to other astrological elements through Pluto’s journey. The callouts were a great touch and added to the individuality of the dialogue.

Demmer’s artwork was delightful. Kids will be drawn in even if they don’t understand the words. They will be able to understand the context by the faces and expressions of the planets. The saturation of the blue in the sky added a brilliant quality to the characters and made them stand out. This book will be a great resource for teachers and homeschooling parent to educate their students on the solar system. It can even go as far as to start the conversation on identity and friendship.

My rating…


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