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REVIEW: The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair: The Girl with Curl by Christopher & Alejandro Garcia-Halenar

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Title: The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair: The Girl with Curl

Author: Christopher & Alejandro Garcia-Halenar

Illustrator: Sophia Jin

Published: November 20, 2018

Theme: Identity and Confidence

Character Origin: Human and Animal

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 26

Ages: 3-10

Synopsis: The Adventures of Little Miss Crazy Hair – The Girl with Curl was inspired by our beautiful niece Vivian – our very own Little Miss Crazy Hair. The book chronicles a week in the life of Little Miss Crazy Hair who along with her best friend, her dog Duke, escape on wild and wonderful daily adventures resulting from the decision of how she will wear her wonderful, curly hair. She serves tea as a Princess. She refines her poise and grace as a Prima ballerina. She bravely sails the Nile. She explores the depths of the jungle. She even ventures into the skies to pilot her friends and fly over her home town.

My summary…

This book is about Little Miss Crazy Hair. She styles her hair for the adventure that she will take each day.

My thoughts…

Reading this book was enjoyable. Little Miss Crazy Hair (LMCH) embraces her natural, curly hair. So many young girls are ashamed of the texture of their hair but LMCH shows them that her crazy hair is beautiful. I loved how the 7 bees were incorporated into the illustrations. These can be used as positive mantras for young readers. I did like the way that “Little Miss Crazy Hair” was highlighted in the text. It adds to her uniqueness.  

Jin’s illustrations were vibrant and a lovely accompaniment to the text. You’d never guess that she’s a high school student. I loved the theme of the book but I wasn’t in love with the flow of the text. It seemed kind of clunky. The story is full of imagination and self-confidence which are traits that we need to reinforce in our kids. It’s a solid read.

My rating…

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