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REVIEW: Don’t Feed the Monster by Sigal Adler

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Title: Don’t Feed the Monster

Author: Sigal Adler

Illustrator: Abira Das

Published: July 31, 2018

Theme: Fear and Bravery

Character Origin: Human and Monster

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 44


One day Billy Monster to his great surprise, Found out he’d won the most fabulous prize
An awesome new home to live in and share
With his very own kid to pester and scare!

My summary…

This book is about Billy, the monster, who moves into a new home with the main objective of scaring the current occupant–a little boy. Billy is surprised at how easy it is to scare the boy at first. But things start to change and the unexpected happens.

My thoughts…

Such an enjoyable book! Perfect for bedtime. It encourages kids to overcome their fears and be brave. This is especially geared toward younger readers that struggle with monsters lurking in their room. I love that by being brave the monster starts to shrink or loses its power (freaking brilliant!).  

Das’s illustrations were simple yet colorful. The font choice of the text allowed for easy readability for the reader. I have found that certain fonts are not good for early readers as the letters can be difficult to decipher. The use of shadows caught my attention. Not all illustrators pay close attention to that simple detail. If you have a child that is afraid of the dark or think that there are monsters in his room this is a great book to share with them.

My rating…

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