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REVIEW: The Magician’s Hat by Malcolm Mitchell

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Title: The Magician’s Hat

Author: Malcolm Mitchell

Illustrator: Joanne Lew-Vriethoff

Published: February 27, 2018

Theme: Magic, Books, and Imagination

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 32

Ages: 4-8 | Book Level: 3.1 | Lexile Measure: AD550L

Synopsis: Super Bowl champion and literacy crusader Malcolm Mitchell presents the story of a magician who reveals an awe-inspiring treasure from his bag of tricks — books that make every kid’s dream come true!

This is not your typical afternoon at the library — a magician invites kids to reach into his hat to pull out whatever they find when they dig down deep. Soon — poof! — each child comes away with something better than they could’ve imagined — a book that helps them become whatever they want to be, and makes their dreams come true through pages and words, and the adventures that follow. But each child can’t help but wonder, What’s really making the magic happen?

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

My thoughts…

What a joy this book was to read! It took me back to why I love reading so much myself. Mitchell relates books as tantamount to magic (brilliant!). Books can take you anywhere. They can help you discover your dreams, provide the playbook for achieving them, and encourage you to pursue them. This is messaging that kids need to hear.

Lew-Vriethoff’s illustrations were vivid and captivating. A masterful display of artistry. The text was easy to read. I loved the font size and font choice, it aligns nicely with the magical theme of the book. This is another book that you should definitely add to your bookshelf at home. It reminds kids to expect the unexpected between the covers of a book. There really isn’t anything to not LOVE about this book. It is as Stephen King says, “…portable magic.”

My rating…

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