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REVIEW: I See Seasons Change by Bethany Orndoff

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Title: I See Seasons Change

Author: Bethany Orndoff | Illustrator: Bethany Orndoff

Publisher: Independently Published | Published: December 30, 2018

Theme:  Seasons

Character Origin: N/A

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 29

Ages: 2-6 | Book Level: —| Lexile Measure:

Synopsis: I See Seasons Change has colorful big and bold illustrations that will invite young children to look and learn while they see the seasons change. Watch the difference between the weather and scenery from spring, summer, fall, and winter. Do you see seasons change?

My thoughts…

This is a perfect read-aloud book for a preschooler. The content is relevant to things that they will already be learning in the classroom. I like how Orndoff asks questions of the reader at the most appropriate times. This is a cue for the teacher or parent to engage with the student. I love when a writer allows its reader to make connections this way. Orndoff’s time in the classroom serves her well here.

Not only is Orndoff the author but also the illustrator. If I’m not mistaken, I believe her medium of illustration is paintbrush and canvas. Her technique creates beautiful depth and dimension on the page. Her color palette is bright and colorful. My only critique would be that the font choice (size, color, and typeface) is too bold and overshadows the beautiful paintings. Selecting a larger, playful font in a softer tone would align more with a younger reader. That being said, this is definitely a book that your kids will enjoy.

My rating…

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