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REVIEW: You Made Me a Dad by Laurenne Sala

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Title: You Made Me a Dad

Author: Laurenne Sala | Illustrator: Mike Malbrough

Publisher: Harper | Published: May 7, 2019

Theme:  Fatherhood

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 32

Ages: 4-8 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure:

Synopsis: A picture book for expectant fathers and already-fathers everywhere created by the author of You Made Me a Mother, Laurenne Sala, and the Marigold Bakes a Cake author-illustrator, Mike Malbrough.

In this touching celebration of fatherhood, the close bond between parent and child comes to life with heartwarming resonance.

Laurenne Sala’s tranquil text, accompanied by Mike Malbrough’s tender watercolor illustrations, creates a warm look at the joys, fears, and responsibilities of being a dad over the years.

My thoughts…

Where do I start? There are so many great things about this book. I got all the feels reading it. The family is biracial which is always refreshing to see in picture books. The narrator tells a love story from a dad to his daughter starting in utero through childhood. It takes you on a journey of a father’s affection for his daughter. Little girls really need to hear how much they are loved by their fathers as often as possible. I LOVE that it’s told from a dad’s perspective. 

Malbrough’s illustrations were so heartwarming. They told their own beautiful story. There is a nice flow to the text and aligns well with the accompanying imagery. This is a fabulous way for a daddy and daughter to connect at bedtime. It is also an awesome birthday present for a little girl. Let me just say that this book verbalizes what daddies have a hard time telling their little girls. It is a must read! 

My rating…


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