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REVIEW: How to Catch a Unicorn by Adam Wallace

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Title: How to Catch a Unicorn

Author: Adam Wallace | Illustrator: Andy Elkerton

Publisher: Sourcebooks Wonderland | Published: March 5, 2019

Theme:  Unicorns

Character Origin: Human & Unicorn

Book Type: Picture Book | Pages: 40

Ages: 4-10 | Book Level: 2.8 | Lexile Measure:

Book Synopsis…

Try to catch one of the world’s most elusive mythical creatures―the unicorn! Filled with zany traps and lots of rainbow unicorn fun, this is the unicorn book of the year!

Can you catch the unicorn?
You’ll have to use your brain, 
So set your traps and prep your team
To pet that rainbow mane!

My  overall thoughts…

If you are looking for a really fun book to read to your kids–you have found it. Not only is it a catch me if you can, it exposes the readers to different animals at the zoo too. The cunning unicorn is a real hoot! Just when the kids think they’ve caught the unicorn, it outsmarts them at every turn. The size of the book is easy for a younger kid to handle easily and I predict that this will be their go-to book for quite some time. I loved how the unicorn is never fully in sight which builds the readers anticipation throughout the book. It is a very engaging book for storytime or bedtime.

The illustrations and text…

Elkerton’s illustrations are a rainbow of color and simply striking on the page. The detail is amazing. Kids will be captivated by all the pretty colors. The text is beautifully written. Its size and location on the page are very easy to follow.  I’m so glad that I pick this book up at the library. It didn’t disappoint at all. There’s no way you can read this and not have the biggest smile on your face when you’re done.

I’ll give it…

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