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REVIEW: Who Do You Love by Brandon Foster

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Title: Family Time: Who Do You Love

Author: Brandon Foster | Illustrator: Pia Prado

Publisher: Allegory Publishing | Published: March 28, 2019

Theme:  Family

Character Origin: Human

Book Type: Comic  | Pages: 28

Ages: 6-12 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure:

Book Synopsis…

What lengths would you go to in order to recover what was taken from you? Meet Ashlon, a smart young lady with a very active imagination. When she returns home from school she quickly discovers that her most prized possession has been…stolen? Who could have done this, and most of all why? Join her on a day she will never forget. Enjoy Ashlon’s journey as she learns a valuable lesson about life, and how we treat others.

My overall thoughts…

This is my first comic review and I’d like to color myself impressed. It is great to see a comic book that boys AND girls can enjoy. The story centers around The Morgan family which struck me more than any superhero or fantasy comic ever has. What makes this unique is that it’s totally relatable. I loved that it has a Christian foundation but it isn’t overt or in your face. It is interwoven seamlessly into the storyline. After reading this comic and doing a little research, I can now see the appeal of them. They allow the reader to take a immersive visual journey. Having a story unfold visually, frame by frame before you ever read a speech bubble can be a powerful literary tool.

The illustrations and text…

Prado’s illustrations are colorful and drawn with great precision. The gutters are well placed and the layout aids in the flow of the story. The font size is just right and easily readable. The text is concise and synchronizes well with the illustrations. The sequences were easy to follow and were well balanced with imagery and text. I can’t believe that this is Foster’s first comic but it’s easy to see that it was a labor of love. He’s made it to my “Authors to Watch” list.

I’ll give it…

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