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REVIEW: Along the Tapajós by Fernando Vilela

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Title: Along the Tapajós

Author: Fernando Vilela | Illustrator: Fernando Vilela

Publisher: Amazon Crossing Kids | Published: October 1, 2019

Theme:  South America

Character Origin: Human 

Book Type: Picture Book  | Pages: 40

Ages: 4-8 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure:

Book Synopsis…

Cauã and Inaê are a brother and sister who live in a small community along the Tapajós River in Brazil. Here, the homes are on stilts and everyone travels around by boat—even to school! When the rainy season comes, they must leave their village and relocate to higher ground for a while. But after moving this year, Cauã and Inaê realize they’ve left behind something important: their pet tortoise, Titi! Unlike turtles, tortoises can’t swim, and Cauã and Inaê are really worried. So the pair sneaks back at night on a journey along the river to rescue him. Will they be able to save Titi?

This picture book, first published in Brazil, offers kids a unique look into the lives of children who live along Brazil’s beautiful Tapajós River.

My overall thoughts…

This was a unique book about the life experience of families living along the Tapajós River in Brazil. Having to take a boat to school will seem so far fetched to students in the States but is intriguing. It will likely be a conversation starter for your classroom. I felt enlightened after reading it and have a new appreciation for the lives of families who live in the Amazon. This book can easily blend into science and social studies too. I love the multi-point approach that a teacher or homeschooling parent has here.

The illustrations and text…

The illustration medium was mixed woodcut techniques (drawing & collage, and digital resources. The illustrations were stunning. It had a childlike quality that you don’t see that often. The vivid color palette added some dramatic character. While I enjoyed the images from my iPad, I imagine the illustrations will jump off the page when reading from the hardcover. I did wish that the font was more substantial and easier to read. The larger text would have made for a better reading experience. The writing itself was beautifully written and quite descriptive. Don’t skip over the last couple of pages, as they provide a closer look into the Tapajós River. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

I’ll give it…

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