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REVIEW: Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Make Waves by Lauren H. Kerstein

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Title: Rosie the Dragon and Charlie Make Waves

Author: Lauren H. Kerstein | Illustrator: Nate Wragg

Publisher: Two Lions | Published: June 1, 2019

Theme:  Friendship and Patience

Character Origin: Animal & Human 

Book Type: Picture Book  | Pages: 40

Ages: 4-8 | Book Level: — | Lexile Measure:

Book Synopsis…

It’s summertime, and you’re invited for a rollicking day at the pool with Charlie and his pet dragon (and best friend!), Rosie. But be careful—swimming with a dragon can be, um, challenging. As Rosie and Charlie blow bubbles (don’t forget your umbrella!), practice flutter kicks (watch out for tidal waves!), and offer shoulder rides (hang on tight!), Rosie proves that dragons make the most fun pets ever. Now if only Charlie can keep Rosie’s attention focused on the rules at the pool and NOT on her gummy snacks (you know, the ones that cause stinky dragon breath!)…Grab your towels and sunscreen and join Rosie and Charlie for a fun-filled summer adventure!

My overall thoughts…

As we bid summer adieu, there’s still time for one more splash with this heartwarming book of friendship and patience. Rosie’s exuberance can be overwhelming at times, but Charlie is there to calm her and the situation down at every turn. Charlie’s love for Rosie is evident in his handling of her and his encouragement throughout the story. It is in his thoughtful planning that they were able to have a fun, yet eventful day at the pool. If your family has pets, this book reinforces the responsibility that comes along with them.

The illustrations and text…

Wragg’s illustrations were executed digitally. His eye for detail caught my attention with his execution of Charlie’s faded edges hairstyle, commonly referred to as a temp fade. Nice touch! The color palette throughout this work is warm and playful. The illustrations themselves seem simple, but the thoughtfulness of the colors and execution brings them to life. I love the character diversity in this story. I’m not a fan of the font size as it’s smaller than I like for new readers. The font type is appropriate for a children’s book. The text had a nice flow to it; the overall message was clear. The copyright page, on the kindle version, was jumbled and the print overlapped. Hopefully, that is corrected in the printed version of the book.

I’ll give it…


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