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AUDIO: Pat Zietlow Miller

There are two books on the top of my “To Read” list and they are When You Are Brave and Remarkably You both by Pat Zietlow Miller. I’ve reviewed another of her books Be Kind which was AMAZING.

Check out her interview with Matthew Winner of The Children’s Book Podcast below.


Here are few of her other books (plus those mentioned above) to add to your collection.

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Special thanks to Matthew Winner, host of The Children’s Book Podcast for allowing me to share his PHENOMENAL content on my blog. You can find him on his blogInstagram, or Twitter. There’s a wealth of literary resources that I’m sure you’ll find very helpful on his blog. He is by the way an elementary school librarian, podcast host, and overall talented human being.

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INTERVIEW: Lorrie Holmes

Author Bio…

As a publisher and producer of children’s media, I am very excited to draw upon my vast background as a professional writer and Creative Arts Mentor which is where this all began. Within the classes, I have taught as an Early Learning Music Teacher, Creative Writing Instructor, and Early Learning/School Age Creative Arts Instructor, I have developed a lot of lesson plans. Many of these included sourcing or creating my own materials to use in various forms of Creative Arts to help my young and impressionable students GET INTO CHARACTER. From songs and music videos to Circle Time story extenders and even youth theatre themes – all of these products that I have published or produced in this company in collaboration with my team of industry professionals were born of these needs and tested in many classrooms and/or studio environments.

Thumbnail That: What are the challenges you face as a writer?

Lorrie Holmes: Finding time each day to write.

Thumbnail That: Do you schedule time to write or do the ideas flow organically?

Thumbnail That: Is there a writer that particularly inspires you?

Lorrie Holmes: I’m inspired by so many writers. For kids books, of course, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss, J.K. Rowling, C.S. Lewis, Beatrix Potter, A.A. Milne and I am a huge Pooh Bear fan. Then some more contemporary authors like Lee Edward Fodi, Kate DiCamillo, Rita Williams-Garcia and I still love Eric Carle’s illustrative books as well.

Thumbnail That: What do you hope to accomplish from writing children’s books?

Lorrie Holmes: To provide kids, teachers and parents a creative way to get into character with my sing-along books that delve into early learning concepts using fun filled, energetic concepts and emotionally intelligent tones and voices.

Thumbnail That: What’s next for you? What are you working on now?

Lorrie Holmes: Outside of managing my Early Learning blog, KiDS NEWS & REViEWS which takes up a lot of my time, I’m enjoying mentoring kids to find their writing voices in various styles and and forms, from bookmaking to songwriting and creative writing. I’m wanting to pass on my passion to them!

Thumbnail That: What advice would you have for new children’s book authors?

Lorrie Holmes: Write what you know. Write what you believe Write what you’ve experienced. Mostly importantly, draw from your personality and have FUN!

Thanks, Lorrie for sharing your passion with me. I hope my readers will find your work as interesting as I do.

Connect with Lorrie on social media: Website | Instagram |Twitter

Don’t forget to pick up your copy of We Can Be Heroes. Check out my review here.

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