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AUDIO: Susan Verde interview with The Children’s Book Podcast

I am super excited to share with you The Children’s Book Podcast’s conversation with Susan Verde as she talks about third book in the “I AM” series, I Am Human. Verde is a NYT bestselling author and as she put it, a mindful human (totally using that!). Enjoy!


Here are the books in the “I Am” series. (Psst….there’s another coming out in September!)

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To learn more about Susan Verde and her other AMAZING books, check out her website.

Don’t forget to connect with her on her social media channels too!

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Special thanks to Matthew Winner, host of The Children’s Book Podcast for allowing me to share his PHENOMENAL content on my blog. You can find him on his blog, Instagram, or Twitter. There’s a wealth of literary resources that I’m sure you’ll find very helpful on his blog. He is by the way an elementary school librarian, podcast host, and overall talented human being.

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